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The books, the events and information shown on this website are only part  of the service we offer. At 2 Bridge Street we specialise in tracking down specific titles for individual customers. If a book is in print and legally on sale we should be able to obtain it for you from anywhere in the world. If it is out of print – just ask. We operate an efficient out-of-print booksearch service and pride ourselves on our success rate.

If you are looking for children’s books, adult fiction, travel guides, dictionaries, maps, biographies, science fiction, history, popular science, poetry and plays, cookery, theology and philosophy and a whole host of other topics do come and browse. If it isn’t in stock then 95% of the time we can  order your item for the next day. We also have a great range of audiobooks, greetings cards and giftwrap, diaries, notebooks and calendars, bookplates, booklights, bookmarks, bookends, other reading paraphernalia and classical music CDs.

You could even have a look at our fans page on Facebook where we hope you will tell us about books you have enjoyed so that we can develop an online reading group.

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We are members of Leatherhead and District Chamber of Commerce.

Those of you who are able to visit our shop can enjoy a free cup of freshly-brewed coffee and sit on the Chesterfield by the inglenook fireplace with Henry our giant 35 year old teddy bear. Call in for children's and adults' events, from signings to story time and our amazing seasonal celebrations.

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