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Andrew’s Aces

“The Complete Greek Tragedies” - Sophocles

Reading the breathtaking mix of thought, poetry and dramatic action in Sophocles’ plays, a bright spark fired in me my life-long passion for the world of Classical Greece. But beware! I subsequently felt compelled to spend the next six or more years studying the Ancient Greek language. I simply had to read Sophocles in the original language.

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“Infinite Jest”  - David Foster Wallace

Hmm . . . What can be said about this book without inevitably cheapening it? He brilliantly captures the stream of conscious thought in complex, structured language. And he does it completely differently to either Joyce or Woolf. My favourite so-called experimental novel.

“Tales from Ovid”  - Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes’ translation pulses with energy and pounding rhythm. But the wonder of Ovid’s stories is equal to it. This gem of a book; you’ll fall in love the with the world of mythology.

“Zeno’s Conscience” - Italo Svevo

Zeno is perhaps my favourite character in all of literature. I was completely won over by  his self-deprecating ability to see clearly into his own weaknesses but to be utterly unable to change any of them.

“One Hundred Years of Solitude” -

                                   Gabriel Garcia Marquez

A wonderful story wonderfully told. Marquez has the conjuror’s ability to bring into reality the impossibly magical. His best book, I think, bar only some of his short stories.

“The Tin Drum” - Gunter Grass