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Author Videos

From Roz Morris - thoughts on writing by the author of “My Memories of a Future Life” and “Lifeform Three”.

From Cathy Brett - a selection of videos relating to her books.

From John “Biff” Griffin poet - author of “Peace & Love in Surrey and “Behind the Laughing Mask”. Here are a few of his poems.

This space




On the following “daughter“ page


you will find links to Roz and Peter’s radio series “So You Want To Be A Writer?”

On Surrey Hills Radio

Shona Wood is 36,000 words into her first novel. Her final submission for her degree is this e-magazine. She plans to spend the next few months working on her writing and I hope to persuade her to launch the book at Barton’s. Here is the link.

Shona’s Magazine.

Shona also has a couple of blogs you might find interesting.