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Cameron’s Choices

“Where the Shadows Lie” - M Ridpath

“Mortal Engines”  - Philip Reeve

“The Hunger Games”  - Suzanne Collins

“And then there Were None” - Agatha Christie

“Fall Out” - Fiona Moore & Alan Stevens

“Not a Number” - Rupert Booth

“100 Places You Will Never Visit” - Dan Smith

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There are many books, aimed at adults that are often wordy and require you to plod through them slowly. This is not the case with Michael Ridpath,. His series ‘Fire & Ice’ is a highly enjoyable read, with all the excitement and thrills of any crime novel. Our hero is an American detective stuck in the cold world of Iceland. Each book will guarantee you reading to the end.

I have yet to find any author who can write beautiful  characters like Philip Reeve does. His Mortal Engines quartet is some of the best Steampunk fiction I have ever come across. The stories bring a very exciting and possibly very realistic side to having adventures. Imagine a world where an unknown war has transformed the way we lived. Now cities move around on caterpillar tracks.

I can easily say that the first Hunger Games novel hooked almost instantly. I had steadied myself to reading three chapters per day, just to make it last longer. I enjoyed the strange totalitarian world which our protagonist was stuck in, and was surprised that it was a children's novel. It is incredibly violent.

A 1945 film version of this novel still remains one of my favourite movies. After reading the novel I discover how much darker it was. This book contains one of the great themes that makes Agatha Christie such an exciting author, physiological terror.  This book is a proud achievement for me, because to this day, it is one of the fastest books I have ever read.

Being a big fan of ‘The Prisoner’, I strive to find critical essays and analytical articles on the series. This book contains it all and much more. This book doesn’t just give you one interpretation, it explores different themes and possibilities such as; politics, education, feminism, psychology  and identity.  “Be Seeing You!”

Continuing on with a Patrick McGoohan theme, this biography is truly a great read. For a man who was incredibly private about his life, Rupert Booth has done a superb job it trying to form an accurate chronology of the great actors career. Read about his time in the Sheffield Repertory Theatre, playing the infamous Danger Man and villainous Longshanks in Braveheart.

Most coffee table books, will show you extraordinary sites, landscapes you should visit and possible holiday travels. This book simply says one thing, you’ll never visit this place. Read all about your dream destinations such as, Area 51, Woomera Rocket Base, the Coke Cola Vault, and pretty much the whole of North Korea.