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“So You Want To Be A Writer?”

Roz Morris and Peter Snell recorded and broadcast a series of masterclasses on writing and the writer’s life on Surrey Hills Radio. Permanent links to these sessions on Mixcloud will provide a series of topic based, 50 minute inspirational talks to help you with your writing and publishing. If you have any questions please email Roz at  or Peter at and we will try and help.

The first show was broadcast on Wednesday 3rd September at 14:00 GMT. Shows are now broadcast at 2:00 pm on Saturdays. Link to Mixcloud

All text and graphics are subject to copyright.

 1 Starting to write

 2 Writing courses and learning to write

 3 Getting published - the basics

 4 Self-publishing 101

 5 Planning a non-fiction book

 6 All about plots and story

 7 All about characters for fiction

 8 Writing tools - paper or computer? Apps and clever      software

 9 National Novel-Writing Month - and how to write a first      draft

10 Choosing a title - and how covers help to sell your book

11 Character arcs - your characters are the story

12 Reading groups and writers' groups

13 Writing style and voice

14 New year - getting back into writing, making resolutions

15 Using photos and music as inspiration

16 Taking criticism - constructive critiques and getting feedback from       agents and publisers

17 The bookseller perspective - and how authors can get on well with       their local bookshop

18 All about dialogue

19 Blogging and social media for writers

20 Ask a writer 20 questions!

21 Reading like a writer

22 Making a writing career from your day job or hobby

23 Ghostwriting and other ways to write fiction under      pseudonyms

24 Have your writing resolutions slipped? How to get

     back on track.

25 Questions from a writing conference

26 A musical tour of past shows - with the coolest      tunes

27 From fragments we make a book - tiny steps lead to a finished      draft

28 Author collectives - the third way to publish

29 Discussion: do main characters have to be likeable?

30 Peter writes a story

31 Mind your Ps and Qs - books to stop you making grammar, usage      and spelling mistakes

32 The book or the film?

33 What makes a book a holiday read?

34 What is writing talent? Can it be taught?

35 How to get followers for your blog

36 How to keep writing when you're on holiday

37 Beginnings that make us read on

38 Social media for authors with Adam Waters

39 Writing memoirs

40 Sequels, prequels, add ons

41 The writer’s bookshelf


43 Should you show your work before it is finished?



46 Does the name help create the character?





51 Anatomy of a rewrite or ten