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New Titles - Young Adult

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6th February 2014 sees the publication of “Dead Ends” by Erin Lange

This is one of the best teen books I have read in the last five years. A riddle rarely makes sense the first time you hear it. The connection between Dane and Billy D doesn't make sense any time you hear it. But it's a collection of riddles that brings these two unlikely friends together. Dane Washington lives by two rules: don't hit girls and don't hit special kids. Billy D has Downs syndrome and thinks a fierce boy who won't hit him could come in useful. Billy D has a puzzle to solve, after all, and he has the perfect plan to make Dane help him.

Out in paperback on 20th March 2014 “In Bloom” by Matthew Crow

A poignant and unexpectedly funny novel about Francis - one of the best and bravest fictional teenage boys since Adrian Mole. This is an emotionally honest story about wanting the very best from life, even when life shows you how very bad things can be. It is full of brilliant bittersweet moment and the embarrassments and delusions of growing up. I read it straight after “Dead Ends” (above)  and have to say that an orange jacket is not the only thing they have in common this is also one of the best teen books I have read in the last five years.